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Predicates and their Subjects is an in-depth learn of the syntax-semantics interface targeting the constitution of the subject-predicate relation. ranging from the place the author's 1983 dissertation left off, the booklet argues that there's syntactic constraint that clauses (small and tensed) are built out of a one-place unsaturated expression, the predicate, which has to be utilized to a syntactic argument, its topic. the writer indicates that this predication relation can't be lowered to a thematic relation or a projection of argument constitution, yet needs to be a in basic terms syntactic constraint. Chapters within the e-book exhibit how the syntactic predication relation is semantically interpreted, and the way the predication relation explains constraints on DP-raising and at the distribution of pleonastics in English. the second one half the booklet extends the idea of predication to hide copular structures; it contains an account of the constitution of small clauses in Hebrew, of using `be' in predicative and id sentences in English, and concludes with a research of the that means of the verb `be'.

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